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New York Firefighters sponsor 7th annual squirrel kill

The public trust firefighters to protect the public, not teach their children to kill.
The public trust firefighters to protect the public, not teach their children to kill.

HAZZARD COUNTY, NY-Holley Fire Department released their sponsorship today of the 7th annual squirrel slam (kill), and the animal advocacy community want to shut down the event for good.

The squirrel hunting event will be held February 16th and even the non-animal advocacy community cannot believe the fire department is sponsoring this controversial event.

Faith H. Mcgill-cossick and Rosemary May Kenigsberg, concerned citizens, started “Stop the Squirrel Slaughter,” Facebook event page, which now have 200 followers working to stop the squirrel hunt.

Liliana Danel Almeida who volunteers at Hand4Paws and is a professional petition writer and animal advocate, has started a petition entitled “Mayor John W. Kenney, Jr: Please Stop the Hazzard County Squirrel Slam.” In under an hour, the petition has close to a hundred signatures.

With so much controversy surrounding guns, and guns in the hands of children, the public is outraged that this event targets a children’s category that allows a child to take home money for killing squirrels.

To learn more about this inhumane event, and support the Animal Advocates protesting this event, join them on their Facebook page, "Stop the 7th annual Hazzard County Holley New York squirrel hunt."

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