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New York Fashion Week ends and London Fashion Week begins

London Fashion Show, Pam Hogg show
London Fashion Show, Pam Hogg show
Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Today London Fashion Week begins and continues to be the world's premiere fashion show.

London Fashion Week first designer Jackie Lee
Hao Zeng

This show is loaded with high fashion designers, models, and is organized by the British Fashion Council. This is a biannual show, once in February and once in September.

According to reports the BFC is working on ways in which to help tailor partnerships between local designers and local investors, hoping to keep fashion designer’s business local.

In a press release by the Chairman of British Fashion Council, Natalie Massenet revealed London’s fashion industry is strong. Massenet said, the economy of fashion has grown more than 22 percent since 2009, and is estimated to be worth $26 billion. She also added, the United Kingdom’s fashion industry supports on average of 797,000 jobs. These numbers were staggering even catching London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson’s attention. He notes that this business is fierce, and is deeply rooted as London's historic industry, which should be recognized and assisted in its growth.

“These latest figures are clear evidence of the hugely important contribution that fashion makes to our economy,” Johnson said.

The Mayor of London is so inspired by the designers amazing talent and hard work, his office is among the 17 major sponsors for this show. This year London Fashion Week’s principal sponsor is Vodafone.

Today the show kicked off with more than 14 featured designers, at 9 a.m. London time. For most people, presenting their ideas first can be intimidating, but not for Jackie Lee.

Lee, originally from Seoul, Korea has a solid education in Master Pattern Cutting, which was totally obvious with her seamless, amazing fitting designs and color blocking techniques, which opened the show. Color blocking seems to be extremely popular this season, even New York Fashion Week featured this jaw-dropping fashion idea.

Lee’s fashion designs seen on LFW catwalk have a seamless flow that can flatter all shapes and sizes. Lee’s designs are steeped in an inspiring color palette, from deep blues to light pinks. She also used different fabric textures which showcases her talent and control of pattern techniques. Fashion designer or fashion connoisseur, it’s common sense that cutting, stitching and designing soft cotton versus plastic a designer must have a vast fashion arsenal of design skills to master an end result worthy of being seen at LFW, and Lee has totally done this.

LFW has a complete schedule of all the designers who will be featured and their debut times. If you missed one of your favorites, get over to the LFW live stream video and get caught up on London’s opening day for LFW.

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