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New York Fashion Week 2014: Fashionistas and new designers hit the City

New York Fashion Week 2014
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

New York Fashion Week 2014 is finally here, and according to a Feb. 5 Reuters report, fashionistas have taken over the City for front seat tickets to the latest, hottest designer looks expected in the Fall and Winter 2014 seasons.

New York Fashion Week, despite all its criticism never seems to fall short of expectations when it comes to massive attendance. From designers to stylists, editors, photographers, who show up to review and promote the latest looks, “Fashion Week” is key to sartorial success” in the industry.

“Fashion Week has become this massive, massive thing, and it's outgrown its traditional boundaries,” InStyle magazine fashion news director Eric Wilson said. “It's a question of how it's going to manage its growth at this point.”

There was a time when Fashion Week was all about seasoned professionals and a few celebrities scoring a sneak peek. Now every fashionista, including fashion bloggers and anyone interested in fashion can score a coveted seat. Abby Schreiber, an associate fashion editor for Paper Magazine observes, “One thing I hear again and again is just how overwhelming Fashion Week has become. The number of people interested in Fashion Week has ballooned. It's not as exclusive anymore.”

But it is not all bad. This unlimited access provides designers a wide platform to get their brands out there, especially in the booming social media circles. “You've got bloggers from Japan and India and fashion street-style photographers from Russia. You're exposed to the entire world by showing at New York Fashion Week, first time New York Fashion Week designer Jay Godfrey said.

According to the Brisbane Times, another designer making a Fashion Week debut is Sydney fashion designer Rebecca Vallance, who had not accounted for possible snow delays. “'The collection is still arriving because the heavy snow is causing havoc with the planes. Everybody tells me it's going to be OK, but it's minus 10 and there is more snow coming tonight,” the designer said from New York.

Vallance’s Friday show titled “Ladies Man,” and inspired by androgynous dress will feature 16 to 18 looks. “'It's a mixture of menswear-inspired cuts with a ladylike polish to them,” Vallance said. “'I found that personally I was wearing more pieces with a menswear influence, so I've translated that into the collection.

New York Fashion Week hits the City Feb. 6 through Feb. 13.

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