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New York Fashion Blogger Project featuring Nathan Moy of The Provoker

UK implant Nathan Moy is the face behind luxury fashion blog, The Provoker
UK implant Nathan Moy is the face behind luxury fashion blog, The Provoker
Faith Bowman using the Fujifilm HS50EXR

Nathan Moy sat next to me at the LAUNCH NYC ready to wear show during NYFW, and quietly charmed me into liking him. A low-key presence in person, Nathan chatted with me informally about the upcoming Alexander Wang show (he interns withthem), his trips to Paris and London, and told me about how he came to create his blog, The Provoker.

I loved talking to him so much that we ended up making a date for formal interview. It started out in a Soho Starbucks and continued on to the Chanel boutique, and all the way up to Harlem for an impromptu shopping trip. We even even ducked into the DKNY store on West Broadway for their DKNY25 celebration eventand ended up meeting Gossip Girl's 'Lilly', Kelly Rutherford.

Definitely an unforgettable day with my first male blogger interview subject.

Faith Bowman: How old are you?

Nathan Moy: 22

FB: How did you end up getting into fashion?

NM: Wanted to be a designer at 16, got accepted at Central St Martin's and the rest is history.

FB: What happened with designing?

NM: I'm still doing it, but it gets to be a little too much. Like too competitive, a little too much. St Martin's is a really good school, but it sort of squeezes every bit of creativity out of you. I chose blogging as an outlet. It was a distraction, more than anything. It was documenting things that inspired me. There was no intention of it being any bigger than that. The success didn't happen overnight, it happened gradually.

There are the creators and the ones who sell, no one can really do both - but I am.

FB: What do you think makes people relate to you?

NM: My blog is based on the premise that fashion is very provocative, even laughable. By wearing whatever you want, you are immediately labeled a Provoker. I think fashion is one of those industries that really lacks humour. The Provoker is really about no caring about what you wear- it's like wearing seaweed platform sandals, or a novelty handbag. I think that's what people relate to. Don't be shy. Keep it classy, but be daring.

FB What are your inspirations?

NM: Hanna Gabby Odiele, Diane Keaton, Tilda Swinton. Their style, how they make it work. Hannah Gaby Odiele just has the wonk chic style, everything she wears is amazing. Her style is immaculate. Diane Keaton doesn't let being a woman stop her from dressing however she wants.

FB. So you intern at Alexander Wang... How was the show in Brooklyn?

NM: It was exciting! Every single day the whole look of the collection kept changing. You find that it was about a lot of styling and then poof! It came together and the girls looked amazing. Who doesn't want to have lighter holders on their boots? It was a hyper utilitarianism in the bags, everything an urban girl would need. And there was drama, it was powerful. We did the clothes, my friends did the bags and shoes. It was phenomenal.

FB: How would London Fashion Week to NYFW?

NM:I went to over 25 shows, and I'm glad that happened for me. It's very different, pr is a little friendlier in NY. You go to Somerset House, but London doesn't use the fashion GPS. People are more friendlier, whereas in London are more in a rush.

FB: Did you have and favorite designer or show from LFW?

NM: Mary Katrantzou, I thought it was amazing that she moved away from digital print. She has matured, there were metallic brocade matching suits and shows that she can do more than prints. Its chic and classy, editorial. It's going to sell so well. I did Burberry. It was a good show, really unexpected. Christopher was doing raffia, metallics, he had a live band and just cool customizing ponchos and things. It was quite down to earth.
Toga Pulla was quite good, the accessories and a lot of novelty things that I really liked. They're really good at pattern making at cutting, so the clothes are really well made. No gimmicks needed.

FB: How was Paris Fashion Week?

NM: Paris was my favorite, it always is. It has the best shows. My favorite houses always have such wonderful shows, they are always the best shows. The performances, the crowds, the performances, the atmosphere. They're legit. I get to see all my friends, the showrooms are wonderful, the food... it's like saving the best for last.

FB. I loved the photo from Chanel (Nathan pushing a Chanel shopping cart)!

NM: It was amazing, one of my favorite shows from Chanel thus far. It had humour, it had wit. I went to the showroom afterwards and I am obsessed with the tweed sunglasses, and the metallic sneakers. It took something really ordinary and made it completely luxurious.. a supermarket that only Chanel customers could shop at.

It was so varied- pants, skirts, crop tops- something for everyone. It was like, 'every woman has to go shopping'. Bill Cunningham took a picture of me holding products from the fake supermarket.

FB: . I know you're new to NY, how are you making out?

NM: It would be great if I could find work here. I know that bloggers are taken really seriously here, and I would love work with a good company. I love it here. People say NY is dead, but that's not so. London will always be my home, even though I'm american. But I chose it just for the school. But now I can see myself moving back to America.

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