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New York dog, starved after being locked in bedroom, has died

Grady Animal Hospital FB page

Queenie, the Cane Corso who was rescued after nearly being starved to death almost one year ago in the bedroom of a home in New York, has passed away.

The sad news was shared by the rescue agency, Guardians of Rescue, on Wednesday evening:

Almost a year ago we brought to your attention a story about a beautiful Cane Corso name Queenie who was horribly neglected by her owner. By the grace of God, her strong will and support from all around her, Queenie pulled through. Queenie went to live with Tuncay. The two had the most amazing connection as though they were shared the same soul.

This past summer, Queenie fell ill with bloat. Again, she fought and survived. We are truly heart broken and sad to report to you that our magnificent Queenie has passed away. Out of respect, we waited until we were given the go ahead to post this sad ending.

Please rest assured, that Queenie's fight will live on. In honor of our beautiful girl, the Justice for Queenie page will be devoted to all the animals who are being neglected, abused and left out in the cold.....To Queenie....may she live on in all our hearts and remind us each day why we fight for the rights of animals!

Shortly after Queenie's rescue, her prognosis was poor - the senior dog was initially diagnosed with kidney failure and it appeared that the severe starvation would claim her life. The courageous dog managed to beat the odds and miraculously pulled through, astounding those who were involved in her recovery.

Queenie's prior owner, Michael Faulkner of Coram, N.Y., was charged with animal cruelty for allegedly locking the elderly dog away in a bedroom and intentionally starving her in what was reported to be an act of revenge against his ex-wife.

Rest in Peace Queenie.

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