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New York cows get milked by robots

Photo by Amy Sussman

New York is known for being fast-paced and innovative in business matters. Now New York cows are being milked by robots on their own individualized schedules. This savvy use of advanced technology is making life better for cows and dairy farmers.

The New York Times reports cows at farms in upstate New York are milking themselves. Robotic milkers feed and milk the cows without any assistance from human farmhands. Robotics milkers are a reliable labor source because they never call in sick. They also fit into the tech-savvy world of young dairymen such as 29-year-old Mike Borden, who stated using robots is "a lot more fun than doing manual labor."

The cows actually determine their own individualized schedules for feeding and milking. Cows can move around more freely and have a greater level of comfort. It can be painful for cows to have to wait to be fed or milked. Now dairy farmers have more time to take care of the cows and perform other necessary tasks. Robotic milkers put an end to the days of waking up at dawn to milk the cows.

Cows line up five or six time a day for automated milking sessions. Robots monitor the amount and quality of milk from each cow. They can even gauge how many steps the cow took during the day to determine if she is in heat. Many dairy farmers find robotic milkers are improving efficiency at the farm.

Advanced robotics are taking care of a variety of tasks in the modern workforce. Robotic arms are used for everything from microplate handling in laboratories to loading trucks at warehouses. Devices such as robotic milkers are bridging the gap between robots and humans as they work together to boost productivity.