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New York couple found cradling each other after apparent double suicide

A couple was happy with one another, but down on their luck.
A couple was happy with one another, but down on their luck.
NY Daily News - Google Street Maps

Police found a couple dead in a New York hotel room, and it is believed that the cause of death was a double suicide. The Inquisitr reported on July 27, 2014, that they had simply had a "run of bad luck," but they were still happy with one another. In fact, they were so happy and in love with one another that Theresa Mateo and Scott Jacobi were found dead lying in each other's arms.

The 34-year-old Mateo and 37-year-old Jacobi died of an apparent drug overdose.

A relative of Jacobi told the NY Daily News that the couple "were having a run of bad luck." The relative continued on to say that he believed the couple had some sort of suicide pact so that they wouldn't go on without one another.

An employee at the Hilton Hotel in Staten Island said the couple didn't check out on time this past Friday. After going to their room shortly before 1:00 p.m., they were found dead, and that was unexpected enough, but no-one thought they'd be found in the way they were.

“After several unanswered knocks on the room’s door, the worker of Hilton Garden Inn got in to find the duo from Staten Island dead, in bed, fully clothed and cradling each other. Police officers were immediately called to the crime scene.”

Autopsies are still pending and the medical examiner has not officially released a cause of death, but police say there are no signs of foul play. There is also no sign of violence in the room and no blood was found around the bodies.

Jacobi and Mateo had only been dating for about eight months before their death. While some neighbors believed that the couple was going through rocky patches in their relationship, others have said differently and that they were happy with each other.

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