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New York Construction Worker – Angel of the Night Feeds City’s Homeless

Construction worker Carlos Vargas volunteers feeding New York City's homeless
Construction worker Carlos Vargas volunteers feeding New York City's homeless
Photo Credit - Getty Images

Every city needs an angel of the night who will watch over the city’s homeless and hungry. According to Fox News Latino, New York City has one. Carlos Vargas who is a hard working construction worker by day spends his nights volunteering to feed the teaming number of the city’s hungry and homeless. Call it a second job or a calling from God, but this man takes a team of volunteers to comb the haunts of the homeless to offer them hope. He feeds about 150 needy individuals weekly.

Vargas came to the Big Apple more than two decades earlier in search of his own American Dream and when he arrived he was taken aback by seeing a number of the city’s homeless in its streets.

It touched the now 52-year-old’s heart and when his pastor at his church asked for volunteers to assist in the church’s mobile food pantry, Vargas was all hands on deck. He has not looked back, reported Fox News Latino.

The angel of the night claimed that he had indeed found his own calling in joining a team of others from the Cristo En Las Antillas church located in the heart of the Bronx. He told Fox News Latino that, “I have the heart to help my brothers in need,” Vargas said. “We give them food, a blanket and the word of God.”

It appears the word of God has been a powerful force in Vargas’ life because he has continued his homeless feeding ministry every night, even though the numbers seem insurmountable. The city has an estimated 64,000 homeless and hungry residing in the city.

But, Vargas is undeterred and in fact is energized in his spirit. He acclaimed, “By the glory of God we go out and we will continue to do so,” He added. “Nothing stops us – rain, snow. We will continue because they are waiting for us,” according to Fox News Latino. The city's angel of the night is certainly someone very special.

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