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New York City to no longer be venue for federal trial of accused 9/11 conspirators

Manhattan federal court building
Manhattan federal court building
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Just twenty months shy of a decade ago, September 11, 2001 is anything but forgotten in the hearts of Americans, especially New Yorkers. Now as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, along with three others accused of orchestrating the attacks are being brought to trial, the question of venue remains illusive.
Originally to be held in New York City, the trial is thought to pose too many risks. According to Capital News 9 web staff “New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said the trial would pose a security risk and cost the city millions of dollars”.

While an appropriate venue has yet to be named, upstate counties have offered to host the trial. Wherever the trial takes place, the heightened level of security will be costly, though absolutely necessary. Crowds that may form in protest outside the venue will surely be hostile as many argue that the accused should not be provided with a constitutionally protected fair trial.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other accused will be brought in front of a federal judge and jury. In 2004, New York State declared the death penalty to be unconstitutional. However, the death penalty can be sought no matter where the venue is located because federal law overrides state law. This point will be under tight scrutiny from national and international organizations such as Amnesty International. 

After the venue is chosen, proper precautionary steps must be taken to maintain order and security. In addition, any terrorist group that may find this event opportunistic may threaten or attempt to attack. Security threats will be taken seriously and dealt with immediately. No doubt this trial will be watched by the national and international community with an eagle eye no matter where the venue may be.

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