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New York City strippers drugged and scammed wealthy men

NYC strippers arrested for drugging and scamming clients out of thousands of dollars.
NYC strippers arrested for drugging and scamming clients out of thousands of dollars.

A crew of strippers working in New York City have been arrested for drugging wealthy men and then scamming them out of thousands of dollars. The women drugged the men by spiking their drinks with illegal synthetic drugs. They would then take them to strip clubs and ran up tens of thousands of dollars on the men’s credit cards.

There were numerous victims including a New Jersey doctor, a banker, a hedge fund executive and a real estate attorney who combined lost at least $200,000. A lawyer for Dr. Zyad Younan who is a cardiologist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital has identified his client as one of the stripper’s victims.

Five women were arrested by Drug Enforcement Administration and New York Police department investigators. All four women have been described as professional strippers. They were arrested on charges of grand larceny, assault and forgery.

A New York City strip club manager surrendered to police on Wednesday. The suspected ringleader, Samantha Barbash appeared in court on Tuesday with three other women. The fifth woman and the strip club manager appeared in state court in Manhattan on Wednesday.

Stephen Murphy, attorney for Barbash stated that his client is denying all charges. He refused to comment on the case further. The arrests came on the heels of an undercover investigation into the robbery scheme.

The women would arrange to meet the men at upscale bars in New York and Long Island. There they would drug the men with the stimulant methylone, commonly known as “molly,” and the tranquilizer ketamine. The women would then drive the impaired victims to Scores in Manhattan and the RoadHouse in Queens.

Once at the strip clubs, the women would charge private rooms, expensive meals, drinks and other services on the men’s credit cards. Even though the clubs paid the women for the visits, they are not facing any criminal charges.

The men reported to police that they woke up in their cars or hotel rooms with little to know memory of the encounters. The few men who attempted to dispute the strip club bills later received text messages from the strippers with threats of going public with their transgressions.

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan stated, “The defendants were banking on the victims being too afraid to contact the police, but as the indictment and arrests show, they made a serious miscalculation.”

The strip club, Scores sued Younan claiming that he owed the club $135,303 for unpaid services. In the lawsuit documents, Younan disputes the charges saying, “he was drugged by plaintiff’s employees and thus did not authorize the charges.” The club claims that they have security video that contradicts his assertions.

Younan’s attorney, Michael Weinstein said that the arrests expose how “my client was preyed upon ring and isn’t responsible for any of the charges on his credit card.”

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