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New York City explosion and 5-alarm fire: Metro North shut down completely

NYC 5-alarm fire closes Metro North trains down.
NYC 5-alarm fire closes Metro North trains down.

A NYC building explosion about 9 a.m. this morning has resulted in a building collapse in what is being called a “major event” in the city. The explosion and fire has shut down Park Avenue in the area. The explosion happened in a large apartment building on Park Avenue between 114th and 117th streets, according to Fox News on March 12.

Fox News live on Wednesday morning say they have heard unconfirmed reports of people possibly trapped inside the collapsed building. Early reports have 15 people injured, with the extent of those injuries not known at this time.

The latest reports have "one building completely destroyed" and "cars melting" along the street near this fire. This was a six-story break building that was completely destroyed in this explosion, according to Fox News live late Wednesday morning.

The billowing smoke is seen all the way to midtown. This still active Park Avenue fire is a five-alarm fire at this time. The buildings on either side of the building that exploded are also apartment buildings. 168 members of the NYFD are on the scene of the apartment building fire. Bricks are found littered over a block of Park Avenue.

The streets around the explosion are littered with glass, bricks and other types of shrapnel that you’d expect to find in a building explosion and collapse. Residents in the area are reporting hearing a loud explosion just a few minutes after 9 a.m. this morning. Some people who live in the area are telling Fox News reporters that they have smelled gas in the area since last night.

Metro North has stopped all service in the area, which will affect people on the New Haven Connecticut line on the trains. Passengers are reporting that commuter trains were stopped on the tracks nearby this fire and passengers were ordered off the Metro-North Railroad cars at the Fordham stop in the Bronx.

Trains are stopped on the tracks due to debris on the tracks, according to Fox News. There is no estimate on the time that the trains will resume. Fox News live is reporting that "all Metro North service has been suspended until further notice."

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