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New York City deleted from MAIG member roster

Bloomberg's MAIG flagship New York City has been deleted from the membership roster.
Bloomberg's MAIG flagship New York City has been deleted from the membership roster.
Mayors Against Illegal Guns ("About" page screen shot by D. Codrea)

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns website appears to have permanently removed the list of mayors who are coalition members and appears to have replaced it with an “About” page that evidently went live Monday. That page features a scrolling list of member cities with one noticeable absence: MAIG's and Michael Bloomberg’s flagship New York City.

While that may come as a surprise to those relying on "Authorized Journalists," regular readers of this column were informed a week ago that the member page had been suddenly taken down after a prior Gun Rights Examiner column noted Bloomberg still presuming to represent the Big Apple 11 days after Bill de Blasio had been sworn in. At that time it was observed there was no love lost between the two men, and that de Blasio had not yet authorized re-upping coalition membership.

The new roster, which appears as a scrolling list in the redesigned site, now only gives the names of the cities, not of the mayors. As some have speculated, that could be because the number of serious lawbreakers and other out-and-out embarrassments in the rank of mayors has been easy to point out in the past, so just listing cities would add a layer of political insulation for MAIG as well as its individual members.

Except as the de Blasio episode illustrates, it’s not the cities that are members -- it’s the men and women holding the title of mayor who make the personal decision to affiliate themselves. This move toward obfuscation and deflection could (and should) open the door to other criticisms, including citizens demanding their cities be removed from the list unless there is a recorded resolution passed by their elected council representatives, or insisting that the name on the list be that of the individual who perceived it advantageous to join up.

UPDATE: de Blasio finally signed up on Jan. 30.


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