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New York City Casting Call

New York City
New York City
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Metal Flowers Media & a major cable television network are casting successful bar owners. Do you think your bar is the shit and do you strongly believe you could showcase your talents with any bar in the world? If so, we want your expertise and knowledge, along with strong personalities traits, to teach another establishment the secrets to your success. Metal Flowers Media is casting bar owners in the New York City/Tri-State area now through the end of June.

A nationwide search has been launched by a major cable network to find experienced, professional and brave bar owners/managers who will share their passion and knowledge with other bars that the cable network ultimately pairs you with. This new series will feature professionals in the bar industry who are masters of their domain. Insightful and probing, these New York City owners and managers will participate in an exchange of ideals, teaching their secrets to success and trademark management styles.

Casting directors at Metal Flowers Media are currently accepting applications from interested bar owners and managers in New York City. Applicants must be a bar or nightclub professional with a partner to pair themselves with (co-owner, manager, etc.). Interested, serious candidates may visit or email casting directors at with the following information: Bar name, their name, recent photo, occupation, contact information and a brief description of their bar and their relevant experience. New York City, we know you have many successful bar owners looking to splatter your bar on national television. Not only will you receive a payment if chosen to be a bar by the network, but the national attention and advertising for your establishment is priceless. This foreign exchange student program for bar owners is a great opportunity to show off your talents/bar and maybe learn a thing or two from another successful, confident bar owner.

Check out our facebook & twitter accounts for details on all of our casting opportunities: & @metalflowers.