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New York celebrity coif guru David Groshen offers DIY ‘color the gray to go'

Now this is a clever idea. Top Upper Eastside New York coif king David Groshen offers women DIY color to go for at home touchups that save time and money. Who doesn’t hate having to run to the salon every time a little gray strand rears its ugly head? According to David, “Two little jars and a Q-Tip can make a routine annoyance disappear.”

Take-home hair color from David Groshen
David Groshen

Known for transforming ordinary hair into a fashionistas’ delight, David recently created Hair Color to Go, that helps clients cover the gray hair in their part area, all in the comfort of their own homes. “Often clients start noticing the gray in that spot, but don’t have time to come to the salon every two weeks to have it covered up,” explained David who says he hears this complaint over and over.

So now women who get their hair colored at his salon get to take home two jars mixed specifically for them, one of color and one of peroxide. When the gray starts peeking through they mix the two together in the larger container, apply it with a Q-Tip and half and hour later, the roots are hidden. It sounds like magic, but it’s actually a simple system, which David thought up because his business is accommodating the needs of all his clients.

David Groshen is located at 857 Lexington Avenue on New York’s eastside, call (212) 319-4247 for an appointment or free consultation.

If you can't get to New York to see David for a gray color-up, view the video for some tips on how to DIY at home.

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