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New York and Chicago experiencing temps lower than Russia

New York and Chicago standing tall with cold temperatures
New York and Chicago standing tall with cold temperatures
One World Trade Center - Andrew Burton/Getty Images / Willis Tower -

Thanks to a “Polar Vortex” being blamed for the unusual below temperatures across the United States, many northern states today are experiencing temps in the single or sub-zero digits.

The Polar Vortex is a deadly freeze of arctic air coming from the North Pole, and it’s slowly blowing south and attacking the northern parts of the United States.

New York had a high temperature of 55 degrees yesterday, (Monday) then during the wee hours, the temperature dropped at a historic rate of 10-15 degrees per hour.

It is so cold, local meteorologists say frostbite can easily set in within 2-5 minutes if you are not dressed properly for this type of arctic weather.

While the Big Apple is sharing same cold air as some arctic nations, Chicago is actually having temperatures lower than Siberia. Chicagoans are even joking and calling their beloved city, “Chi-beria,” opposed to the famously known, “Chi-town.”

Chicago currently have temps at a high of zero degrees according to The Weather Channel, with wind chill factoring at minus 18, while Russia’s temps today is at a balmy 28 degrees compared to Chicago.

The arctic blast weather also caused delays and cancellations in some airports across the nation, as well as school closures.

Do not let the sun outside fool you. It is sunny outside in New York, but there is a wind chill that feels minus 15 degrees below zero in several areas.

Stay warm, dress in layers and make sure you have the needed accessories like hats, gloves and scarves to protect yourself from this assault of arctic air.

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