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New Years Resolutions-Go Easy On Yourself!!

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of New Years Resolutions?
Are you overwhelmed by the thought of New Years Resolutions?

It's January 2nd, have you started in on your New Years resolutions?

Resolutions can be great. They give us renewed confidence and optimism, a sense of purpose and keep us determined to achieve something. The not so great thing about New Year's Resolutions is breaking them days after making them.

Hey, don't feel bad about it. Go easy on yourself!  We've all made resolutions and broken them. We've all felt the highs and the lows of the good old New Year's Resolution.

How about this year we resolve to make our resolutions a little bit more attainable and easier to manage? Sounds like a plan, right?

Every year, millions of Americans make at least one New Year's resolution. Although we don't know how many of those resolution goals are actually attained, we do know that most people admit to breaking their resolution by mid-February. So this year, why not go easy on yourself and make your resolution a little more realistic? And remember, once you reach your goal, you can always make a new one.

Here is a list of some of the most popular New Year's Resolutions and how to make them a little more achievable:

-Instead of trying to lose 20 pounds by February, try a more realistic number. Most people who are trying to lose weight at a healthy rate are looking at a 1-2 pound loss per week. So instead, let's say 8 pounds by February/

-Instead of trying to quit smoking cold turkey, try to quit for 24 hours and see how it goes. Also, instead of quitting drinking cold turkey, try eliminating alcohol from your diet for one weekend. Trying to quit anything completely can set you up for failure, trying doing it gradually instead.

-Instead of vowing to get in shape, vow to do at least one hard, high intensity workout a week. Trying to push yourself too hard  all at once is going to set you up for a quick burnout, especially if you were not active before. Also, go buy yourself a new workout outfit or new athletic shoes. It has been said that when a person feels good in the clothes they are wearing, be it a new outfit for work or the gym, they will perform better.

-Instead of just vowing to save money, meet with a financial planner to discuss options of ways to save your money wisely in order to plan for the future.

-Instead of just vowing to reduce stress, think about manageable ways you can do so. Exercise is an obvious one. Eating better can also reduce stress. Vow to get 30 extra minutes of sleep a night. A simple change like extra needed sleep can reduce stress greatly.



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