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New Years Resolution to Dirty Detox at Jet Wine Bar

The New Year is here, and we look down at the fallen streamers and realize....we have got a pooch going on! Time to make that New Years resolution to make up for the amount of cookies you've consumed since Thanksgiving and hit the gym this Sunday morning then get to Jet Wine Bar for a Dirty Detox.

Jet Wine Bar bringing you a Dirty Detox this Sunday!
Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images

Even if you had a rough Saturday night, nothing beats a little "hair of the dog" - especially when its packed with nutrients. Every Sunday, from 11-4 only, Jet Wine Bar will be offering a 'Recovery Brunch' featuring a boozy combo of fresh-juiced fruits and veggies. For $10, you can get a glass full of gin, strawberry, carrot, apple, and cucumber or go green for a vodka, kale, celery, apple, and ginger elixir. Either goes great with their omelette du jour, avocado BLT, or polenta with friend egg and asparagus. Check out their full brunch menu below!

Drinks vary from week-to-week so check out Jet's Facebook page on Sunday morning for their recovery drink of the day, only offered on Sundays.


Located at 1525 South Street, Jet Wine Bar asks you to think globally, drink locally. In the mood to send your taste buds to Santorini, Sardegna, or beyond? You don’t need a passport, Jet Wine Bar can take you there. We offer a revolving menu of meats, cheeses, sandwiches, snacks, and plates to complement our diverse wine and beverage selection. Full Bar. Open daily at 11 am and close midnight Sun-Tues/Thurs, 1 am Wed, Fri, Sat. For more information please visit

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