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New Years Resolution: Be a good customer


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New Years Eve is a busy and chaotic night for bars, nightclubs and restaurants everywhere. It’s never too early to get started on a New Years resolution. Why not make tonight the time to begin one of your New Years resolutions: to be a good customer. Let's face it. We all are customers at one time or another. We all have room for improvement. While you are preparing for tonight’s festivities, think about the five different ways to being a good customer can benefit you.

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Being a good customer means being served faster and getting better service from any bartender you may come into contact with. If you can master being a good customer on one of the busiest bar nights of the year, you can guarantee that you will fulfill your New Years resolution by being a good customer on the not-so-busy nights, all year long.

1. Patience

One way to guarantee that your New Years will go off without a hitch is to be patient. You already know that everything is going to be expensive and overpriced. You already know that you are going to have to wait to be seated at your table, get a drink at the bar, use the restroom and hail a cab. You also know that with one of the busiest going out nights of the year comes all of the people who probably only go out once a year (the amateurs.) So take a deep breath and relax.

2. Be Ready

Don’t even think about approaching a bar until you know what you want to order, which also includes if you are ordering for everyone in your party too. The faster you give your complete order to the bartender, the faster they can make all of the drinks.

3. Order Appropriately

Take a look at your surroundings. If the bar is crazy packed, reconsider ordering a Mint Julep or a fancy schmancy specialty cocktail. Try to keep your drink orders simple. Save the complicated drinks for a slower time. The busier a bar is, the faster the bartender will move, which means less love for your labor intensive cocktail.

4. Have the Money Ready

Don’t make a bartender waste time by having them wait for you to pull your cash or credit card out of your wallet or collect from your friends.

5. Offer a Shot

Bartenders like to drink too. On busy nights, sometimes doing one shot with a customer is enough to throw a bartender into full speed ahead. On the other hand, there are a few places where bartenders aren’t allowed to drink on the job. Respect their polite decline. It never hurts to offer. The offer alone doesn’t go unnoticed.

6. Please and Thank You

Believe it or not, basic manners go a long way at a crowded bar. “Please” and “Thank You” will always get a better reaction from a bartender than snapping fingers, whistling or screaming “Hey!” or “Gimmie.”

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  • Kristine Bottone- LA Bartender Examiner 5 years ago

    Yeah, let me know how it goes tonight. I, however, am not working.

  • Drea 5 years ago


  • TravelingOnTheOutskirts 5 years ago

    NYE was crazy! Thanks for pointing out these tips - they seems so obvious to me but most people are just jerks about it! As I read the article I could put a face to every single suggestion you mentioned! lol The whistlers and the finger snappers are my favorite!

  • Sami Segale (Oakland Pets) 5 years ago

    Good points from the other side of the bar. (At least from my perspective.) The pic was what caught my eye -- very effective in getting your main point across in a nutshell.

  • Ryan- Denver Bartender Examiner 5 years ago

    I love and appreciate this post, please allow me to share it on twitter. Happy New Year

  • Caveman 3 years ago

    Well done! Working as a professional bartender I want to personally thank you for writing this. Check out my blog to see my top ten ways to piss of a bartender. You might find it funny. Thanks again.

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