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New Years Fireworks in Jacksonville: information and tips on the best way to catch the show

An example of the excellent fireworks that can be seen every year over the St. John's River
An example of the excellent fireworks that can be seen every year over the St. John's River

     When it comes to fireworks shows, the extravaganzas on New Year's Eve come in a close second to those on the fourth of July. It seems that nearly every city in the world has a show to offer. For those of you here on the First Coast, or anywhere else for that matter, why not avoid the crowds and go watch the show from on the water?

     This year's fireworks show, will be launched right at midnight, from barges in the St. John's River. The city says they will be stretched from in front of the Landing down to Metropolitan Park. They can be viewed on land from either bank of the river. If you do choose to head out on the water to catch the show, then the best spot is just south of the Hart Bridge, where no buidings or bridges will obstruct your view. Make sure not to get too close to the barges though as they will certainly be cordoned off. Call (904) 630-3690 for more information or visit the city's website for more information:

     Taking your boat out to watch the fireworks has a number of advantages. First and foremost, you can avoid the crowds at the Landing or elsewhere and enjoy the show at your leisure. You don't have to fight for a good seat, listen to the annoying commentary of the people next to you, or sit in traffic to get back home. Second, the view is unparalleled. There are no nearby lights, trees, or buildings to obstruct your view, and you can get pretty close to the launching point. Finally, it is an easy way to take out the family, some friends, or just that special someone, relax and have a glass of wine, and enjoy the delights of boating while ringing in the new year. And really, is there a better way to celebrate the beginning of 2010 than that?