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New Year’s resolutions: Report lists best diets for 2014 weight loss

U.S. News and World Report listed out the top diets on Jan. 7, in case you were still struggling with what route to pursue for a weight loss New Year’s Resolution. Based on qualifications put together by experts, a panel ranked 32—yes, 32—of this year’s most popular diets.

Paleo diets are focused on high-protein.
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Report lists best diets for 2014 new year’s weight loss resolutionsThe qualities of a high-ranking diet would be that the diet is easy to follow, effective for weight loss, can protect against diabetes and heart disease, be safe and provide good nutrition to the dieter.

For those who were looking to jump on the popular Paleo band wagon for the new year, be warned. The Paleo diet rung in at the very bottom of the list. The diet follows a similar diet to those who lived in the Paleolithic era. Essentially, it cuts out grains, sugar, dairy and legumes and focuses on a meat-heavy diet.

The panel of experts found that the diet was too restrictive for most people to be successful with it and it also didn’t allow for the consumption of essential nutrients. Another diet, which also follows the high-protein, low-carb regime, actually tied Paleo for last place.

Keep in mind, though these diets tied for last place, they are by no means the worst diets out there. There are diets that didn’t even make the list. It seems unlikely that there could have been more than 32 named diet plans in existence, there are actually many more. CNN notes, the cookie diet didn’t even make the list.

If you are looking for a diet plan for your New Year’s Resolution, consider the DASH plan. DASH, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, was ranked as the best diet and was noted for its ability to lower cholesterol and reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. The benefit of this diet is that it doesn’t restrict foods but its focus is on limiting daily sodium intake.

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