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New Year's Resolutions: Planning to clean up your act? Part 2

So, you've decided that this is the year your best intentions will have staying power.

Making those resolutions stick is easier if you develop a game plan.
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First on your list is giving your diet an overhaul - not that you'll be going on a diet, but that you shall make better food choices. To do this you'll need to take a good look at how and where you get your food:

At Home
This is where you have 100% of the control. Even if your local Fort Worth grocery store does not have an organic foods section, it probably does have a produce section. Try shopping around the edges of the store where there are less processed foods. Fortunately, there are a number of foods which don't necessarily have to be organic for you to enjoy without a host of pesticides. Click here for more information. Plus, eating foods closer to their original form - far and away better than something from a box or bottle if you're looking to control sugar and salt. And if the food is raw, you'll get full more quickly and stay full for a good amount of time. Until the 22nd, Central Market is in the throes of its annual homage to all things citrus. Now would be a great time to pop on over and try something new. On January 19th (at 11:00am/$55), check out their Citrus Fest Cooking Class. Who knows? You may discover a new go-to fruit.

  • Each week this year, challenge yourself to find 1 new food item and a fun new way of preparing an old favorite.

At Work
Yeah...this can sometimes be a challenge. When you're feeling those mid-morning or mid-afternoon munchies, the vending machine can be the siren song that crashes your ship, The SS Best Intentions all over the rocks. Be proactive. If your break room has a fridge, yogurt can be a great treat...or a real nightmare. Commercial brands vary widely in the amount of sugars tucked in quietly under the guise of healthy choices. Tote your own in a re-usable container; a base of mild 0% Greek-style drizzled with honey, anointed with sliced (or ground) raw almonds, and dusted with cinnamon. You get the idea. Blueberries, sliced strawberries, all kinds of healthy add-ins can be a real pick me up.

  • Each week this year, challenge yourself to come up with 1 new portable snack item.

Eating Out
Oh no! Danger zone! Well, not necessarily. Take a moment to pay attention to what you are craving. Quite often, there are healthy options for many food items. Try to limit fried choices, watch for the fast food salt and sugar bombs, and whatever you settle on, enjoy it. Not feeling guilty about your choices means that you won't be beating yourself up over it for the next week and a half. It will be done and over with. A food option you may not have tried yet is Fort Worth's Food Park. Yes, you read that right. Food Park - with food trucks. There are many healthy options which are prepared with care from fresh ingredients. The Pompeii truck, for example, has a delicious Caprese salad which you will simply inhale.

  • Each week this year, challenge yourself to find 1 new fresh, healthy, and delicious place to eat out.


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