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New Year's Resolutions I can keep

Champagne is for celebrating
Champagne is for celebrating
Karla Erovick

Setting New Year’s Resolutions can be a discouraging task especially when choosing unattainable goals. This year I am choosing goals that I want to keep, perhaps you can too.

1. Travel – I resolve to travel more and often. I will take trips to wine country and play tourist in my town, as well as making international jaunts.

2. Drink more champagne – I will celebrate life’s little surprises and victories with sparkling wine and will make time for tasting more champagne.

3. Be grateful – I will be aware of the good things, people, and circumstances recording them in a journal.

4. Be active – I resolve to walk more, find time to exercise and take the stairs whenever possible.

5. Smile – I will make a point of smiling at strangers because I know this brightens both our spirits.

6. Give – I resolve to give money, time, and things to people less fortunate.

7. Breathe – I will remind myself to breathe deeply because it is calming and good for my body and mind.

8. Take breaks – When I am engaged in a project I will take time to stretch, refocus and regroup as sitting for long periods of time can be unhealthy.

9. Treat food as a gift – I will strive to savor and enjoy food rather than eating on the go.

10. Express appreciation – I won’t wait to thank people for their kindness or to tell those I care about they are special to me.

About the Author: Karla writes about global destinations, food, wine, horse racing and exotic car events. Discover more from over 400 travel articles of places to explore.

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