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New Year's resolutions for working moms

Working mothers often struggle to find balance between their jobs and their home lives.
Working mothers often struggle to find balance between their jobs and their home lives.

Working mothers often struggle to find balance between their jobs and their home lives. Part of being a working mom means that you are always busy and putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own. Quite often, preparation for the unexpected is overlooked until the unexpected occurs. If you want to set New Year’s resolutions, set ones that a realistic and ones that will make your busy life a whole lot easier. Here are some resolution ideas to keep you organization and to free up some of you life for yourself.

1. Calendaring and Planning. Wall calendars are great and this is the place for you to keep track of your appointments and activities organizations. Find yourself a family calendar with plenty of room for important information and use stickers to remind you of special events.

A day planner can also help a working mother to be more organized. Unique features include a column for mom and a column for the rest of the family. Try to find a planner that has extra pockets to hold loose papers. A contacts section, a page for restaurants, and to do lists can also be quite helpful.

2. Don’t forget birthdays. Make use of your Google, Outlook or other email service so you do not forget birthdays or other important events. Include a reminder a week in advance so you are not scurrying at the last minute for a gift. Stock up on blank birthday cards for unexpected days.

3. Get some help around the house. Recruit your husband and children with household chores. This will free up some time for you to spend alone or keep yourself more organized.

4. Get rid of clutter. Having too much clutter around can make life chaotic so if you don’t need things like an old lamp, sofa, or even shoes and clothes that no one wears anymore, get rid of them. Believe me, you won’t miss them.

5. Take care of yourself. Get more exercise and more sleep. Do something for yourself. Mothers get so busy taking care of everyone else and they forget to take care of themselves. This year, make a resolution to make more time for yourself. Try something you have only talked about trying or promise yourself ten minutes a day to yourself or even treat yourself to something special like a pedicure, haircut, a massage, etc., once a month or once every couple of months.

Making your life more organized and spending more time to yourself will help you to feel happy and will allow you a greater appreciation for your loved ones. What are your resolutions for 2010?