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New Year’s resolutions for antique collectors

Are you an antique collector?
Are you an antique collector?

While most of us may find changing something we’ve grown accustomed to a herculean effort, resolutions don’t have to be so difficult. Rather, they can pave a way for us to further improve on the skills and habits that have worked out in the past year.

With the New Year upon us, let’s consider some resolutions that antique collectors may find very useful for the rest of the calendar year.

1. Accept mistakes and move on.
While the New Year has just begun, look over your inventory and make a thorough inspection. Be strong and accept that the mistakes made in the past may still be mistakes up to now. Let them go. If they are still usable but not sellable by antique standards, then consider donating them. It would be better to have them go into a home that welcomes their use rather than leaving them to collect dust in your basement.

2. Take your time.
Rather than going with the flow and rushing through your hunt to find the best deals and bargains for antique furniture, take your time and enjoy the search. Collecting antiques doesn’t have to be just a livelihood with rigid time frames; it is also an enjoyable hobby with the thrill of the hunt.

3. Ask. Especially for discount policies and bids.
It never hurts to ask, and what you may not know by not asking may just be a simple question away. Always ask if there are discounts on multiple purchases, or if certain items are open for bidding.

4. While attending estate sales, strive to be more selective.
Not all estate sales provide good deals. Identify which local estate sale services consistently provide the best and most reasonable bargains. Make a point to avoid other companies that tend to overprice and over-value their antiques.

Alternatively, while online shopping may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a reputable online furniture shop such as Antiques on Old Plank Road can also be a service that you may find useful.

5. Carefully observe items before purchasing.
Avoid taking an item home without thoroughly checking it over. It’s possible to discover chips or defects that you were not identified during the preview. Always be sure to do a careful inspection.

6. Take full control of your price and paddle during auctions.
During auctions, try sticking to the top price that you’ve set for a certain item that caught your eye during the preview—and don’t let your paddle take control. This may sometimes be easier said than done. Take a look back at the inventory that you’ve checked before the start of the New Year and keep in mind that mistakes are something that you would like to avoid. Hence, only bid for those items that you deemed perfect, and don’t let your paddle rule over your mind.

A new year will always be a cause for celebration, as well as an attempt to throw out the old and bring in the new. Whether the past year has been a grand year or not, let’s take this opportunity to look back on the past 12 months of collecting and take away some valuable insights which can be applied to the forthcoming year.

Happy hunting!

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