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New Year's resolutions, Ditch em on January 16th, here's why.....

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Got New Years resolutions? Ditch em’ on January 16th, all the cool people are doing it and because 94% of you will fail anyways. So you might want to re-vise your resolutions if you want to avoid becoming another failed statistic.

Okay, so some of you are doing better than others by keeping on a healthy track of achieving your goals you weighed deeply on your soul as soon as the first daybreak of 2010 dawned. But for many of us we are teetering on the edge of despair and exhaustion, so any one who made a resolution this year, no matter what level of success your having, let’s all celebrate anyways and ditch em'.

It’s not just because the goals you set 2 weeks ago have sent you into a whirlwind of self realization that your goals were humanly impossible to attain but the fact that you deserve a day to ditch the burden of failure or hardship. Who are you fooling anyways, you can’t ditch a lifetime of bad habits and expect to suddenly click your heels together three times, say the magic words and walah! Your not the little engine that thought he could and did, that story left out all the elements that made it possible. It wasn’t just the ambition and confidence the little engine suddenly possessed but it was the fact it had a mechanically functioning engine, fuel and an attainable path. My point is that a lot of you are killing yourselves and it’s only been two weeks. Are you willing to kill your spirit for the rest of the year so in 2011 your new resolution is learn to love yourself again and heal all your deep wounds from beating yourself up in 2010?

Truth is, only 6% of resolutions are ever achieved, it’s not because this is impossible but because people are focused on the overall result rather than the path it takes to achieve that result.

January 16th is a day to ditch your resolutions! You can ditch them in celebration of all the success your having and treat yourself to the forbidden or if your resolutions are tearing you apart to the point you can’t possibly imagine success without total self destruction than use this day to call it quits altogether!

Of course I'm not suggesting failure to anyone but success. Only ditch em' to re-assess, review and realize realistic resolutions that you can start fresh on the 17th with a new attitude, objective and love for yourself. Focus on making resolutions that will lead to a lifetime of success and here's some suggestions.......

Making your Realistic Resolution list:

*Love yourself, you’re a great person and you are making resolutions to make YOU even better!

*Make smaller realistic goals that will show gradual progress that will only lead to increased ambition and success to continue grasping your dreams of total control.

*Cut back on your habits and eventually you will be able to make the plunge to quit altogether, but this will not happen if you say you will quit altogether without weaning yourself gradually but instead you will find yourself binging madly no matter what your weakness.

*Assess your situation. Review your daily schedule and routines to determine how you can affectively apply yourself and your goals.

*Be responsible! Do not sacrifice your health, wealth or sanity to attain one outrageous goal that will lead to failure in other aspects of your life.

*Be patient. Success does not happen overnight, continue on your path of self proclamation and you will lead yourself into a routine of success rather than being a one hit wonder.

*Reward yourself. You don’t necessarily have to binge or resort back to your bad habits but it is important to treat yourself when you deserve it. Setting aside a special day weekly or monthly to allow for self indulgence can be very important to the overall continuing success on your path. Remember you are praising yourself only after continuing hard work and success, so reward yourself but make sure to make positive choices that won’t throw you back in the middle of the Devil’s den.

*True success lies within. It's already there you just have to want it bad enough and apply yourself.

It’s all up to you!


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