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New Year's Resolution: It's not too late

It may be the third week of January, but it’s still not too late to make those New Year’s resolutions for this year!

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I was so busy during the holiday season this year I didn’t even think about the classic tradition of making resolutions until this past week. But in order to better manage what I do most, fashion and photography, it’s worth slowing down to take a look at the rest of life and see what needs a little work.

New Year’s Resolutions don’t always have to be the most popular and stereo-typical “lose weight” or “exercise more” resolutions. Think over the past year and remember the moments you liked as well as those you didn’t like. For the moments you don’t want to remember, what could you have done differently to prevent them?

Thinking over 2009, I determined I wanted to be healthier, physically and emotionally in 2010. I vowed to remain physically healthier by detoxing my body every single Monday by taking part in a strict liquid-only diet (only soups, yogurt, soy milk, juice etc.). One day a week is very doable, and as a result, my body will be cleansed and my insides will be happy.

My second resolution is to remain emotionally healthier. This is easier said than done, but my goal is to write at least one letter a week to my long-distance boyfriend (in Europe). The time it takes to hand write a letter helps me understand myself better and express my thoughts more clearly. By keeping him in focus throughout my week, I will remain emotionally connected with him, even though we can’t be together in person.

I urge you, if you have not done so already, make a 2010 New Year’s Resolution. It’s not too late!

It’s a new year and a fresh start. Make this year better than last by learning from your mistakes and embracing the chance and opportunity for a new beginning.

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