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New Year's resolution from your humble Boston Autos Examiner

Boston Auto Examiner rings in the new year
Boston Auto Examiner rings in the new year
Dan Roth

I've been seriously neglectful of posting here on the the Boston Transportation outpost for All the while, the other Examiners throughout the country have been hard at work building up the brand with fine, credible, hard work. It's not easy to achieve the kind of growth the Transportation channel has seen at Examiner, and I applaud my colleagues.

I also resolve, since it's New Year's Eve - stay warm this First Night - to be better about getting some content up here so that Boston Examiner readers can have deep, diverse, and local auto coverage in the coming year. Many thanks for reading thus far, and hopefully my pledge to new diligence sticks. It's going to be an interesting year for autos.