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New Year's Resolution: Drink More Wine

Compounds in wine stimulate the palate and nourish the body.
Compounds in wine stimulate the palate and nourish the body.

An avalanche of health research shows wine is good for you. It is beneficial for your brain, heart, blood circulation, and mood. What other medicine can do all that? And give you the satisfaction that swirling a wine can give?

Key research has found that wine can not only increase your quality of life, but increase the length as well. The long term research project, the Copenhagen City Heart Study in Denmark, resulted in a quantity of health data on wine drinkers and how they compared with non-drinkers.

The study found that daily wine drinkers at any given age had 50% less risk of dying compared to those who never drank wine. Results published in the British Medical Journal, indicated there was a 49% decrease in total mortality with people who consumed 3 to 5 glasses of wine daily. Consumers of 1 to 3 glasses had a 30% decrease, compared with people who never drank wine.

The Copenhagen City Heart Study was conducted with 13,000 men and women aged 30 to 70 from 1976 to 1988. The subjects were controlled for gender, age, education, income, smoking, weight, and other factors.

Red wine in particular is high in polyphenolic compounds, such as resveratrol. These compounds may be the reason for the "French Paradox." The French eat 30% more fat than Americans but suffer 40% fewer heart attacks. The evidence that the French consumption of red wine with their meals counterbalances the fattier diet is being supported by research.

So drink red wine to stave off dementia, aging, and cancer. Also imbibe to protect against male impotence and increase a woman’s libido.

What new medical wonders can boast of all that? So pour yourself a glass of your favorite red wine and toast to better health in the new year!


  • Shnikkerdoodle 5 years ago

    Very insightful! Great sense of humor. Glad I found this site!!

  • KATHERINE BEDFORD 5 years ago


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