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New Year's Resolution: Clean out your closet

You may not be a pack rat, but you still keep all your clothes, even the ones from years ago that don’t fit. We all do it. For some reason we seem to find a connection with our clothes, old and new. Well, it’s time to move on.

Need some extra money? Pack up all the clothes you don’t wear on a regular basis but that are still in good condition and take them to a local consignment store, sell them on EBay or Craig’s List or host a garage sale. Don’t want to spend the time trying to sell them? Take them to the local Goodwill and get a tax receipt. The economy is tough and people are in need. Cleaning out your closet helps everyone; yourself by giving you more space and a clutter-free closet and others by giving them more options for affordable, nice clothes.

It can be hard to part with certain clothing items, I know. But think to yourself, have I worn this within the past 6 months? If the answer’s no, then it’s time to pack it up and move it out. Still holding on to those jeans from high school, hoping to fit back into them one day? Give them to someone who is actually going to wear them right now. Still have those shoes you wore once, five years ago, but haven’t gotten rid of because maybe in the future you’ll be able to wear them again? Just do it.

Cleaning out your closet will not only make you feel so much better, but it will also look better, making the closet more organized and clutter-free.

Don’t want to part with your favorite childhood T-shirts that are definitely way too small? Cut a big square around the logo and a matching one in the back of the T-shirt. Sew the sides together and fill with cotton stuffing – voilà! You just made a pillow. Home-made T-shirt pillows are also fantastic gifts.

Put on some inspiring music, bring out the snacks and clean up that packed closet. Do some good for yourself and others this holiday season. Clean up, give away and stay clutter-free.


  • sam 4 years ago

    great idea! thanks for sharing

  • Amanda C. Strosahl 4 years ago

    I have plans to clean out my closets within the next week or two.

    Indianapolis Healthy Living Examiner
    Sims Examiner

  • Sue 4 years ago

    Already did! :)

  • Skyee 4 years ago

    This can be done year round, not just during the holidays.
    I like the, "do good for others and yourself."