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New Year's Resolution #1 - Get a Job

New Year's Resolution
New Year's Resolution

Easier said than done, these days, but there ARE a few key elements working in your favor this month.

First, many companies release their new budgets for the calendar year in January, meaning, various departments within those companies are given the green light to interview and hire new employees. This bodes well for you, as a job-seeker, since more positions should be available than the previous month or two.

Second, staffing agencies are receptive to meeting new candidates now that seasonal hiring is over. Some agencies concentrate on part time and seasonal positions during the months of November and December, especially in the retail sectors. Come January, it’s a brand new slate with more fulltime positions available for candidates of all skill sets and varying degrees of experience. Fees are paid by the hiring companies, meaning you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So, be sure to visit your local staffing firm ASAP! They are there to help.

Third, the mindset has a tendency to change come January 1. We don’t know exactly why this happens, except that it does, rather routinely, at the onset of every New Year. It’s a fresh outlook, with renewed hope and new expectations. Not only are we celebrating a new year, we are kicking off a new decade. “Out with the old and in the new” is a standard adage, however, it carries more meaning and packs more punch now than ever. We are coming out, granted, rather slowly, of the worse economic downturn since the Great Depression; but housing and other economic indicators are positive and as any economist will tell you, jobs are always the last thing to recover. But, recover they will, and you need to be on the frontline, ready to go, resume in hand.

A colleague of mine on this site, Jennifer Vogel, the Atlanta Job Search Examiner, recently wrote an excellent article detailing the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional resume writer (full disclosure: I am a resume writer, so keep this in mind as I wax philosophical on this subject matter ). Regardless, Ms. Vogel’s reasoning is flawless; if you are armed with the appropriate resume and value-laden knowledge regarding proper interviewing techniques, you will certainly possess a distinct advantage over the next candidate in line. Keep in this mind, as you move forward with your employment search.

Finally, don’t give up. Believe me, just when you think the situation is hopeless and the right job doesn’t exist, you will inevitably land the perfect gig…or a reasonable facsimile thereof. It may take awhile for you to find your dream job, but don’t ever give up and don’t ever stop seeking that holy grail. If you take the necessary steps and keep the faith, the right job will come along.

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