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New Year’s Promotions – Martial artists making a difference

New Year
Photography taken by Paul Rest

Robert Frager Sensei announced the following much deserved promotions for the Western Aikido Association:

Sueann McKean and Bob Cornman have been promoted to 6th dan. Both have been a part of the Bay Area martial arts scene for many years. And most of you know the amazing Bill Mission. Bill, a member of Bob Noha Sensei’s dojo in Petaluma, CA has been promoted to 5th dan.

Congratulations to all!

In addition, Frager Sensei announced that the newly formed Western Aikido Association has now been recognized by Hombu Dojo as “an affiliated organization in full standing.”

Other promotions in Bay Area dojos were also on the New Year’s list. If you would like for me to post these, you can email me at:

Happy New to all!

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