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New Year's Eve: wakeup call

New Year's Eve celebration
New Year's Eve celebration

Anyone with eyes can see that America's morals have been slowly eroding, just take a look at Miley Cyrus's lack of clothing that is called an outfit and before her Madonna's. This New Year's Eve celebration at a local restaurant/ bar proved that risqué styles are no longer just for Hollywood stars, but for very young girls. Skirts were so tight that you could have called them tights instead; and shorts, were shorter than short, reminiscent of the fashion in Paris where there is no end to skimpy hemlines. Team those fashions together with twisting, writhing, bumping and grinding bodies and you practically have a recipe for a Roman orgy. Nothing wrong with a sweet canoli, dancing and having some fun, but this crossed the line of decency; a sign of the decaying moral fabric getting thinner.

Perhaps America is modeling Europe in more ways than one. The economy, though not completely soft, may be heading the way of Spain and Greece, which tanked. Our debt ceiling is to be raised once again and maybe the skirts will come up another inch or so that you don't even need one. Possibly the Parisian clothing styles are a harbinger of what is to come our way in tightening religious freedoms. In 2004 France made it illegal to wear any kind of religious symbol or dress: a cross, star of David, veils, turbans or other religious signs. While America seems to be mimicking France's clothing styles, perhaps the U. S. is also heading for further control of religious expression?

While Americans have not lost the right to dress as they wish or to worship freely, other religious freedoms have been constantly battered: the right to have religious symbols in public places. Just look around, very few Nativity scenes were displayed for this Christmas and few school aged children sang Christmas carols at their winter concerts. And of course, it's now Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas and winter break instead of Christmas vacation. Having the Ten Commandments displayed in court rooms has been an issue and freedom of religion in school has been greatly curtailed to the point that teachers won't allow students to bring in Bibles for free reading or talk about Jesus when it's student initiated conversation., which is actually a misinterpretation of our present laws.

If it weren't for the work of Jay Sekulow and his son, along with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), many of these religious freedoms would already have been wiped off the books. But they have tirelessly defended Christians rights in the public arena: the right to pray before a ball game, sing "God Bless America", wear a cross to school, talk about God and mention the name of Jesus, have a Nativity scene in your own yard, bring a Bible to public school and so on. Yet everyday these basic religious freedoms are attacked and more lawsuits occur against them. This is yet another sign of the deterioration of what was once a Christian nation. So how does this effect a society's morals?

A direct relationship to religious freedom and the moral fabric of a society exists. As Christian freedoms are curtailed, society becomes less exposed to Christian values and beliefs. Without a basic belief in God, good and evil, and a Divine creator, right and wrong get blurred. Self takes the place of God and "everyone did what was right in their own eyes" (Judges 17: 6). Youth are exposed to more evil, violence, demonic activity as evidenced in the rise of drug use and addictions, less emphasis on learning, a loss of respect for authority, fewer intellectual pursuits, and more of a "party head," less church attendance, reading of the Bible, a regard for the sanctity of human life, modesty, sexual purity and marriage.

So what are we to do? I'll have the answer in my next article.