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New Year's Eve celebration on Broadway was fabulous, thanks to Hard Rock Café

The big guitar outside the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway, NOT on New Year's Eve.
The big guitar outside the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway, NOT on New Year's Eve.
Photo courtesy of Kelly Verdeck of Kelly Verdeck Photography.

I attended the fabulous Hard Rock Café New Year’s Eve bash this year totally unaware that it was Nashville’s first such event. Yes, I do live under a rock. Most years I sit home and watch Dick Clark age, listen to the crowds in New York cheer and count down, and run around outside in the cold for a few minutes to commemorate the New Year.
But this year I got to do it in person instead! If the Hard Rock has another one next year, I’m totally going, and I might even shell out for the VIP pass I got for free this year. I had no idea of the awesomeness entailed, which was: a free open bar, a free champagne toast, free delicious hors d’oeuvres (and by delicious I mean such as miniature beef wellingtons) all on the upper floor of the Hard Rock, which is pretty posh itself—the bar top is made of granite with veins of smoky quartz and shimmery gold mica. Giving me and my friends those free passes was on par with whoever put the gold krugerrands in Salvation Army kettles this Christmas. We definitely got what we came in for (warmth!) plus a lot more.
Even the scene in the square outside was enough to make Nashville proud. The Metro Police did a fine job of policing, and although I body-pressed my way through the crowd at least three times that night, my ass was not grabbed, not even once. To top it all off, a giant lighted guitar dropped from a platform ala Times Square in time to the count-down, followed by a country music rendition of Auld Lang Syne by Rodney Atkins and some lovely fireworks. It was a magical evening, and I hope the tradition continues!

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