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New Year's changes, to get healthier now!

It's what we all want! Health. Sure, money is a biggie...but without health, what good is money? You can't buy good health; unless you consider the 'expensive' fruits and veggies, too costly to purchase. Many people consider good food expensive, and prefer to buy the cheapest foods available. Later your health will suffer, and your money will go else where anyway!

New Year's resolution time
  • Choose foods with 5 ingredients or less!
  • Get rid of the microwave
  • drink more water and add a lemon or lime slice; warm water is better, sorry is
  • switch to a high quality, unadulterated salt. Unbleached, with minerals intact
  • Butter! not margarine
  • Coconut oil. It's the new curative....just get some and see for yourself!
  • EAT YOUR VEGGIES! come you need a brick to hit you?
  • fresh and raw foods over boiled and processed. Processed = chemicals!

Recently, coconut oil and whole foods were used to treat a man's tremors. Unbeknownst to him, he had no idea he was under "treatment". In 1 week, tremors lessened considerably, to almost none! It is unknown what the cause of the tremors were; but a simple nutritional approach worked! Nothing extraordinary; eggs, noodles with real butter and garlic, french toast with coconut oil and home made syrup; some home made soup. No great expense was expended....only whole real foods! Unexplainable, yet simple. We can heal with proper nutrition. Race cars run on super fuels and the human body is similar. Put junk in, and get poor performance, clogs and eventual break downs. Put in super fuels, healthy foods, and get high performance and longevity!

Translated: What if what you're eating and using are causing your disease? Causing Cancer, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and more?

Don't hold your breath on a medical answer! Seriously! $$$$$$ Right? When was the last time your Doctor asked you to eat better and give up junk foods? and if he did; would you even listen?

Want better health? Eat better! Curtail gluttonous habits, get back to basics, and avoid man-made food substitutes and convenience foods. Follow the 5 ingredients guide line; and read those ingredient lists to see what the toxic stuff is you are eating!

Happy New Year, good health to you and yours, and keep trying to be healthier!

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