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New Year Resolution To Improve Your Body

New year's resolution
New year's resolution
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Begin the new year with a resolution to improve your body.

Do it the slow and gentle way with yoga.

Simple little movements are effective. Just relax and be consistent.

Head and Neck: relax your facial muscles. your eyes. your teeth and jaw. Gently turn your head side to side. Drop your chin to your chest. Bring your head up and rotate your shoulders.

Arms and Hands: Stretch your arms wide. Reach as far as you can. Relax your arms. Push out your fingers. Spread them wide. Touch a finger at a time to your palm.

Hips and Back: Lie on the floor or bed. Bring knees to chest. Release and repeat several times. With knees bent, drop knees to one side, relax. Bring them up and to the other side. relax. Repeat several times.

Feet and Ankles: Lie on Floor or bed. Leaving other leg straight or knee bent, bring other leg overhead. Circle foot. Spread toes wide. Flex foot several times. Lower leg and repeat with other leg.

Most of all: Breathe, Breathe, Breathe. Deep inhales, slow relaxed exhales. Be proud of what you are accomplishing. namaste, gerry

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