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New Year Resolution: If it isn't easy... it isn't right


2010 Happy New year

How many times has your New Year Resolution failed?

How many times have you tried to resolve the same problem?

In order to be successful we need to understand exactly what a resolution is.
What is a resolution?
1.       Process of resolving
The process of resolving something such as a problem or dispute.
2.       Decision
A firm decision to do something
3.       Determination
Firmness of mind or purpose
4.       Solution
An answer to a problem
From the definition we can see a resolution is a process made up of a decision and enforced with determination to create a solution – not a single act.
Why do most resolutions fail?
1.       No or poor strategy
2.       Impractical methods
3.       Excuses
So how can you assure success?
1.       Decide what you want to resolve
2.       Be determined to see it through
3.       Develop a solid strategy
4.       Apply practical methods
No matter what your resolution is you’re going to have to make changes to your daily lifestyle.
One of the most desired resolutions is always better health.
“I want to lose weight.”
“I want to quit smoking.”
“I want to quit drinking.”
“I want to get in shape.”
The awesome thing is you have the power to do whatever you really want – and only you can do it.
“Any intelligent fool can complicate things – it takes a genius and a person of courage to go in the opposite direction and make it simple.” – Albert Einstein
No matter what your health goal is, here are 6 things you can do every day to become healthier.
The 5 No Matter Whats can make a huge difference.
1.       Good Posture
2.       Deep Breathing
3.       Mind Over Energy
4.       Mindful Motions
5.       QIT Dieting

       +        Self Reflection (15 - 30 minutes daily)

These steps may seem simple, small and insignificant, but remember that small things add up. And in order to become healthier you have to make simple practical changes to your daily routines that you can do every day No Matter What!

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***It is recommended that you seek the advice of your Medical Practitioner before beginning any exercise or diet program.

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