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New Year Recap of 2013: Examination of Black America

This past year of 2013 we have experienced many hurdles-Kanye’s rants, Trayvon Martin’s murder, and attack on the Civil Right Act of 1964. Personally, I am hopeful that the Black Community will in fact get what is owed to us all in terms of our hard work and dedication, but seemingly it will be a hard road ahead. I am having my own struggles with attempting to reach the “American Dream”. It seems as if the previous generation has bought into the myth that “we kids have it easy now” and that racial struggles are largely over. My heart is troubled by the fact that many of the “elders” are now impediments to our success. They seem to have taken on the narratives of the oppressors, and they explain away our troubles as just “bad behavior”. I for one admit that some of my generation’s troubles sometimes are due to personal responsibility and individual decision-making, but I clearly see an apparent disconnect amongst our elders. What happened to all that scholarship money that was supposed to be out there? What happened to all those opportunities? Just think about this for a minute----Where are the apologies from our elders who jumped on the side of Zimmerman? Apparently, Zimmerman has a problem with his temper and the usage of guns as we see in recent headlines (recently Zimmerman’s domestic case was dropped though). Why the black elders who came out in support of Zimmerman cannot freely admit to the fact that maybe they may have come to the defense of a man who may in fact been the agitator? Where has the outcry gone about Trayvon? How hard is it to admit that maybe you guys were wrong? I am hopeful that brotherhood amongst everyone is achievable; however, our behavior as black people in many respects still remains inappropriate! Thus, we have to look within our own community to develop better consciousness and love for ourselves in order to improve our own reality. If we do not love ourselves, then who else will? What do you think Broward County?