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New Year, New You...Again!

It's just past that time of year when you are reminded to make those resolutions to change the way you are living. Topping 80% of those New Year resolution lists is to lose weight, which leads into a close second of exercising more.

The unfortunate reality, from what experts tell us, is that by January 16th most resolutions have either dissolved or have begun to dissolve into oblivion. We are just past January 16th. Are you still on track? If not, perhaps there is a need to get deeper into the matter and try to figure out truly why you really want to lose weight and exercise more.

It is imperative that you recognize that exercise is a necessity, not a luxury. You need to have a clear plan and vision of your weight loss and fitness goals. There are different approaches, but the most successful approach for goal setting is being very specific about what you want and writing it all down.

Figure out what days and times you will be scheduling in your exercise and record it in your planner. Make the commitment to yourself.

Many people feel they know how to exercise. Unfortunately, the reality is that most people use poor form and intensity levels not suited for their medical histories or fitness goals. Even though most workouts have at least some benefits, an exercise program that has sound design and uses proper technique will be much more successful.

Go ahead and reinvent "you" and make the necessary changes. Here's to a truly successful and happy new year! At this point, I would like to borrow a phrase from a gym advertisement. "Here's to a Happy New Rear" (and you!)

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