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New year, new you in a gourmet way: trim up with Luvo

New year, new you in a gourmet way: trim up with Luvo
New year, new you in a gourmet way: trim up with Luvo

Whether the holidays did you in, too many meals out that you have no control over or you just need a fresh start, how about trying a nutritious and delicious frozen meal system that celebrities like actress Jennifer Garner and NFL player Troy Polamalu turn to? I was very happy to be hosted to experience Luvo! And now, you can get it at places like Target and Fresh Market. These are restaurant-quality meals with high quality ingredients. They describe the food as "Vegetables that crunch. Tender, savory meat. Fruits that burst with flavor. Chef-inspired, mouthwatering recipes."

Luvo makes meals in green packaging with "perfect presentation every time" -- you open the pouch and everything slides out attractively. How do they do it? I have no idea.

There was a time when I was eating a bunch of those "diet" frozen meals you see on the market, after hearing that some actress lost a ton of weight that way. The problem was, they're full of . . . crap. I was glad to learn that Luvo has

• No high-fructose corn syrup
• No artificial preservatives
• No artificial flavors or colorings
• No hydrogenated fats
• No more than 450 calories per meal—and often much less
• Less than 500mg sodium

Even those people who aren't "watching their sodium intake" per se, should really consider being aware of it. You'd be surprised how well that helps you feel and look: not bloated, helps things like feet and fingers not to swell when traveling, fewer skin irritations.

Luvo has breakfasts, soups and entrees. It's about time that some super-healthy breakfast options are out there? You know that breakfast brand named after the late country singer? I hung out with him when he was still alive . . . he told me flat-out that even he didn't eat that garbage.

I got to try the entrees. I would definitely suggest having some on hand to jump start a new healthier lifestyle. They only take a few minutes to microwave -- so perfect to have in the freezer for nights you don't want to cook, so you're not tempted to go off the rails.

My favorite two dishes were:

Orange Mango Chicken with whole grains, kale and broccoli is juicy with good texture. It has a natural, not artificial sweetness.

Whole Grain Penne Pasta with turkey meatballs has good pasta texture, not mushy -- as is common with so many frozen pastas. The tomato sauce was fresh and bright tasting, with fire-roasted tomatoes. It's topped with Romano cheese, tender turkey/oatmeal meatballs.

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