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New Year New You

You can make it even through a storm!
You can make it even through a storm!
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How did you do last week in the new year?  Were you able to keep your new year's resolutions in the first week of 2011?  Don't get upset, bothered, frustrated, weary, sad or disappointed if you did not.  Use today to give it another shot.  For many our goals, aspirations, sacrifices etc. may be a daily cross that we have to bear.  As Jesus said, in the book of Luke 9:23 "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me."  Each day the challenge is before us.  Therefore as the day approaches, get ready for it.

This week, the Gray Road Church of Christ in Cincinnati released its edition of Christian Times, the congregation's newsletter.  In it were many encouraging articles that dealt with the theme of time and using time wisely.  I love the new year for it allows one to take assessments of himself or herself.  During this assessment period, one may identify a need for growth or change while others may find contentment or fulfillment.

Whatever the conclusions of your findings, remember the clock is ticking.  Make the most of today.  Happy New Year from Cincinnati!