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New Year, New You

Stephanie's before picture.
Stephanie's before picture.

Most people makes some type of New Year's Resolution; and alot of them relate to losing weight.  A local Lima woman (Stephanie Luma) has recently made a Resolution goal to reach 130 pounds and tone her body during the whole process.  Ideal meals she would typicaly eat may consist of:  Breakfast:  Cereal or a banana, Lunch:  Salad or leftovers from the previous nights' dinner, Dinner:  Anything from chicken, vegetables, and a side , to pasta or whatever she has time to make for her three children and herself. 

Stephanie is a busy  working Mother of three children (15, 11, and 5).  She's very active with her childrens' schedules.  So, she does not follow a specific exercise routine.  Her fitness methods consists of a variety of exercises ranging from;  freestyle exercises at home (body sculpting, cardio, strengthing, and basic yoga routines) to working out at the local YMCA whenever she has freetime from her hectic schedule.  She also wears a pedometer to keep track of how many steps she takes each day. 

To help keep track of her personal goals, Stephanie writes in a journal each day.  She writes down what she has eaten the entire day and what type of exercises she was able to incorporate for the day.  Her current weight is 147 pounds.  She has not set a deadline for her weight loss goal (130 pounds).  Stephanie has made progress in her diet, by eating healthier than normal and watching her junk food intake.  She also has been taking a multi-vitamin called "Two a Day" by Life Extention which has helped her energy levels and health.

You can keep track of Stephanie Luma's progress by checking back each week.