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New Year, New Post

Misery in Haiti
Misery in Haiti
AP Photo/Jorge Cruz

The earthquake in Haiti may serve as a somber reminder to some Los Angeles residents struggling with relationship issues that life and death matters are more important than who is dating who. As happens with major disasters, celebrity and gossip headlines will fall from favor for the next few weeks, as Heidi Montag and John Gosselin drop from the front page. LA area celebrities savvy enough to offer charitible aid to the impoverished nation will likely be the ones to enjoy the spotlight.

No one is sure of the death toll from the quake, but the sad truth is that it is likely to be enormous, perhaps on the magnitude of the tsunami that struck Asia in 2004. Most major buildings in Port au Prince, a city of two to three million people, were destroyed. One can assume that if the major government and relief organizations are rubble, then most resident dwellings, which are made with lower quality materials, were destroyed too. Many people are likely trapped in the rubble--one can only pray that people are able to free them before it is too late.

California was amongst the first US states to send aid; a good move for one of the top ten largest economies in the world. California residents searching for loved ones who were traveling in Haiti can call the Office of Overseas Citizens Services at 1-888-407-4747.  The website offers news and a list of organizations that are planning aid to Haiti. You can also make a charitable contribution to the American Red Cross or several other organizations that are providing help.

If you have somebody to love and hold, make sure to love and hold them. Disasters such as this earthquake, with such an unfathomable human toll, may serve as a reminder that small relationships issues really aren't that important. Be well in the new year.