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New year, new Nutrisystem, new you!

A gimmick-free weight loss solution that targets the most important aspect of weight loss - diet.
A gimmick-free weight loss solution that targets the most important aspect of weight loss - diet.

New Year’s resolutions are almost always centered on eating less junk, getting more exercise, and losing weight, yet Americans keep failing at this every single year. Weight loss leader Nutrisystem has conducted consumer research in an effort to discover the key reasons why individuals simply cannot keep their New Year’s weight loss resolutions. They have found that when it comes to eating healthier food in an effort to lose weight, price, convenience and taste are the primary reasons why most people simply can’t keep their resolutions to shed the pounds.

In an effort to remedy this, Nutrisystem has completely revamped their entire line of products for 2011 with the intent of helping Americans actually keep their resolutions this year. They are now offering consumers the opportunity to fulfill their goals by removing all of their excuses.

EXCUSE #1 - TASTE: Is a dried out piece of chicken and some plain broccoli your idea of healthy food? Nutrisystem has set out to recreate and redefine “healthy food”, showing consumers that they can actually use tasty and healthy in the same sentence. Nutrisystem has instituted a Culinary Council of celebrity chefs to help develop and design the new meal plans. One of these chefs is celebrity Chef Kent Rathbun, a previous contender on Iron Chef and owner of the Dallas renowned restaurant Abacus, who has rave reviews of the new Nutrisystem food and eats it himself.

EXCUSE #2 - CONVENIENCE: If at the end of a long day cooking is the last thing you want to do, Nutrisytem has just made your life easier. New for 2011 is Nutrisystem’s line of frozen meals which put the average healthy pre-packaged meal to shame. The new “Nutrisystem Select” consists of fresh, gourmet frozen meals that are delivered right to your home. Of the accessibility of Nutrisystem’s healthy meal options, Dr. Bruce Daggy, Vice President of Research and Development of Nutrisystem states, “As the nation continues to spiral into an ever-worsening cycle of obesity, we’re taking action now that will make our weight loss programs more accessible to more Americans than ever before. When crafting this new program, we recognized that the barriers to dieting and the reasons why people fail often come down to a matter of cost, convenience and eating foods that taste good.” These new meals include the Garden Vegetable Omelet, Margherita Pizza, Roasted Vegetable Pizza, Asian Style Beef, Roasted Turkey Medallions, and even an Orange Crème Bar, just to name a few.

EXCUSE #3 - PRICE: A key complaint among those new to weight loss is that healthy food is just too expensive. Nutrisystem has completely obliterated even that excuse. For 2011, Nutrisystem has dropped their monthly program costs by a full $100, making it $299 per month, the lowest price in the history of the company. For $299, you will receive free shipping, a money-back guarantee, food delivered right to your doorstep, an additional free week of pantry foods, free nutrition support and counseling from registered dieticians and weight loss counselors, free online membership, along with a whole host of additional tools that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

So what are you waiting for? All of your excuses have been abolished, now all you have to do is make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle and sign up—Nutrisystem has already done the rest.

For more information about Nutrisystem or to sign up for the program visit For more information about Chef Kent Rathbun and his Dallas based restaurant, visit


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