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New Year, New Network Cocktail Event

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New Year New Network Cocktail Event. The business networking event has been around for as long as business has been around. But today there are many events that are rooted more in a social way, with technology tools that allow one to be more productive than ever.

But the principles of converting acquaintances into clients really hasn't changed at all: people tend to do business with those they know and trust.

WHAT: Networking Cocktail Reception; Cocktails will be served- Members $10.00 Guests $25.00

WHEN: January 15th, 2014 5:30pm - 7:30pm

WHERE: Hudson Terrace 621 W. 46th Street (between 11th & 12th) New York, NY 10036 Seating is limited.

Social networking events can therefore be more than a good time. The trick is not to attend them with new business as the goal. The goal should be to seek out people you like, have some core interests with, and would like to be social with. Any business you convert -- there or at a later date -- is just the result of being social-able, like-able, and having a product and/or service that has value to your new friend, or one of their friends.

BE PREPARED: When you arrive at an event, you should have your story short, well-rehearsed, and ready to be told, but not be in such a hurry to tell it. Desperation, like fear, is all too detectable in the business jungle.

Take your time. Walk about, talk with people, be interested in them, and do so like a relaxed big cat fully fed; not a hungry one on the prowl for fresh meat to pounce on.

Find people that share interests, not just industry-related interests, but personal interests too. Friends you make in totally unrelated businesses have friends that may be in yours.

For example, when I launched a new technology company late last year, it was friends that referred and brought me my first four projects. Friendship and friend-circles are powerful tools for a businessman; and I'm not suggesting that they shouldn't be real friendships, because everything you do should be real. Forging phony friendships to extract business will be too quickly found out, and may -- and likely will -- come back to haunt you later.



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