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New Year, New Job , New Look Needed!

Makeup is just right!
Makeup is just right!
Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Hi Everyone,

This is a subject that is always important to me. When looking for a new job, I hope you are doing your research if you are just out of college or if you are an experienced job hunter. You must always understand the industry that you’re in. If you are an accountant you will dress much more conservative than if you are in sales and marketing. Being an accountant you dress more conservatively until you know how your office culture will let you dress otherwise.

I remember when I first started going on interviews for marketing jobs, I felt that I dressed to conservative and not creative enough and it may of cost me the job, because I felt the interview went well. Even your make-up will be different for certain industries. When you are in the entertainment industry you want to glam yourself up. You will need the look for what you are going for; say you are going for a TV host position, look as trendy as possible, because you want to get the younger hipper crowd if you are in music or entertainment hosting.

If you are a news anchor it depends on what city you work in. When I watch anchors in Los Angeles their make-up and hair are much more sexy and glamorous. Small town host in any city tend to dress like a small town girl or guy. When you go to a larger market, then the look is much more sophisticated. You have heard the saying if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere! Back to regular nine to five jobs. Here in Silicon Valley they tend to be a lot more casual in dress. I liked living and working in New York because even the homeless had style, I am not kidding you. New York and Los Angeles gave me the energy to want to do more in life and my career. I guess it is all of the competition in big cities that drive you to hustle more.

When I got back to the relaxed and laid back bay area, I feel like I lost some of my passion for how I looked and dressed, now don't get me wrong I still like to look pretty. It's just that when you dress up here people tend to look at you like why are you dressed up? I still love the bay area but I will always miss the glamour of Los Angeles and the New York side of the "Devil loves Prada". No matter where you live, always put your best foot forward with a new hairstyle, the right makeup and new clothes for the appropriate job and you will feel better and the person interviewing you will feel your confidence and in return it may land you your dream job.