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New Year, New Game

Learn and share the info

Happy New Year to all,

Having just finished Dan Browns Inferno I had done some overpopulation research and had intentions to enlighten us with some great debates on our need to become less in all arenas. One link has led to another and I really don't need to rant and rave again as most of us are intelligent enough to utilize our common sense and be our best selves and continue to learn about and share information on solutions. All politics and viewpoints aside we must agree that are many problems that we can learn about and share solutions with all we know. I can link and talk on many issues related to the destruction of our world but will instead keep it simple and post the "Story of Solutions" in hopes that we can continue to make this informative video viral on the global scale.

Lets continue to fight the good fight of Social and Environmental Justice for all

Peace and love to all

Brian P. Doyle

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