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New Year, New Beauty Resolutions

new beauty resolutions

2014 is finally here! This is the best time to re-evaluate your life and your goals. But what about re-evaluating your everyday beauty routine? Today, we will talk about ways you can better your beauty routine into being more fun, simple, and effective. And most importantly, a beauty routine that wont feel like a chore. What girl doesn't want that!? Here are 5 simple tips for a better beauty routine to get you ahead of the game and develop good skin care habits for good! So lets get started!

Tip #1: Beauty is fun. So let your beauty routine be that way too!

Whether your beauty routine takes 5 minutes, 10 minutes or even an hour- make beauty time YOUR time. Crank up your favorite music, meditate in positive thoughts, or sip on your favorite cup of coffee all while getting ready. It's about the little things. Do what makes you happy and give yourself permission to self indulge a little! After all, you are worth it.

Tip #2: Use all natural products as much as possible.

Studies have shown that the average woman puts on 200 chemicals per day solely by using cosmetics. But did you know that 70% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream? Not a very pretty fact! Making the switch to natural beauty products can and will mean a healthier body and healthier skin in the long run. In additon, there are plenty of new and exciting natural cosmetic companies to choose from these days. So go ahead, make this year a healthier one by doing this fun and simple beauty switch!

Tip #3: Make multi tasking products your best friend.

This tip goes to all my girls who seem to never have the time for anything due to their hectic lifestyles. The solution? Make multi tasking products your best friend! They save you time in the long run and keep your purse/makeup bag feeling a little lighter. Great examples of multitasking products are: Tinted Moisturizers, 2 in 1 lip and cheek products, and long wearing foundations to skip the primer. Less is more ladies!

Tip #4: Jump on the Coconut Oil band wagon.

In case you haven't heard, Coconut Oil has been quite the rage lately! Known for its numerous health benefits, Coconut Oil seems to be on the top of everybody's list for both health and beauty. This beauty blogger is not one to experiment with new skincare products, but wow is this stuff good! Coconut Oil is great when used as a makeup remover, moisturizer, and even works well as a hair mask! So what are you waiting for? Give Coconut Oil a go and try this beauty out for yourself!

Tip #5: Know which products are worth your time.

We all tend to have those days where we have to force ourselves to magically be ready just in the knick of time. Save yourself the hassle by knowing ahead of time which products you can afford to skip and which products you may just want to think twice about skipping. Products worth the skip: primers, foundation, blush, luminizers, and eyeshadow. Products that may not be worth the skip: eyebrow fillers, lips, and mascara as these 3 products are the base of a good overall and put together look.

Hope you ladies can put these tips to good use! Cheers to a more beautiful and brighter year!

Till next time...

-April Aldana

LA Examiner

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