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New Year: How will your story begin and end?

Down Under Fitness
Down Under Fitness
Down Under Fitness

Can you believe another year has come and gone? As you said good-bye to 2013 and welcomed in 2014, are you part of the millions that make a resolution each year? At the start of a new year people all over the world set out to make a resolution of what they are going to change in the upcoming year. Are you one of these millions of people?

New Year’s Day is like the start of a new book. Each year we have the opportunity to open a new book. The 365 pages in your book are blank, and waiting for you to fill them in. What was written on the first page of your new book? If you’re like many, your first page will have a New Year’s Resolution on it.

The most popular resolutions people make are:

  • To Help Others More-Volunteer
  • Quit Smoking
  • Better Job
  • Save or Invest Money
  • Lose Weight or Get Fit
  • Eat Healthy
  • Eliminate Debt

From what I am seeing and hearing from family, friends and throughout social media, most people have set out to Lose Weight or Get in Better Shape. I for one am among millions of others that have set out to make this one of my goals this year.

After some research on Fitness Centers in Berks County, here are the top five that I have considered:

Planet Fitness

Located on 5th Street Highway in Reading, Pa

Planet Fitness offers 2 membership packages, either $10 a month (basic gym membership and now guest privileges or use of tanning) or $20 a month, which includes unlimited guest privileges and use of tanning.

Pros: Low Cost, Open 24 Hours, Variety of Equipment, and Fitness Training included

Cons: No child care, No extra classes offered.

Full Throttle Fitness Factory

Located on Catherine St, Shillington, Pa

Full Throttle offers 2 types of memberships, unlimited rowing or classes, or unlimited classes and rowing

Pros: Family Atmosphere, Variety of Classes, Only Indo-Row facility in Berks Co, personal training (extra), no contracts

Cons: No Child Care, Limited Hours

Down Under Sports & Fitness

Located on the 3rd Floor of VF Outlets, Wyomissing, Pa

Down Under offers memberships for individuals and families as well as personal training

Pros: Low Cost, Variety of Classes, Choice of Contract or No Contract

Cons: Limited Hours, No child care

Wyomissing Fitness & Training

Located on Woodland Rd, Wyomissing, Pa

Wyomissing Fitness offers two memberships, $30 a month unlimited with no sign up fee or $20 a month unlimited with a sign-up fee.

Pros: Low Cost, Large Variety of machines and weights, some classes, no contracts

Cons: No Child Care

Body Zone

Located on Paper Mill Rd, Wyomissing, Pa

Body Zone offers many different memberships from Aquatics to Fitness, and Sports and Ice Programs.

Pros: Large Facility, Child Care, Pool (Aquatics), Programs for all ages

Cons: Price, Yearly Contract

Here are a few of the top fitness centers in Berks County. Evaluate your goals and interests. Check out the ones that meet your needs and get moving to write a great ending to your new book.

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