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New Year, Hot and Sexy Love: Tips on keeping your love life spicy

In 2010, get your sexy on.
In 2010, get your sexy on.

Are you bored with your relationship? Does your love life need a serious makeover? Are you no longer turned on by your mate? Well, if you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you are in the right place. Here are some tips that you can do to make your situation and love life better.

1. Enjoy each other

When you really enjoy your mate's company, intimacy will come naturally. Life is busy, but there is always time to enjoy each others company. Make your mate a major priority and watch your love life grow.

2. Do some ego-stroking
Most people like to be complimented at least every now and then. Compliments make people feel good and appreciated. You know your mate is the greatest, so make him or her feel that way.

3. Have intimate conversations throughout the day
Put your cell phone to good use and send sexual text messages throughout the day. Tell your mate what you plan on doing when you both get some alone time. The anticipation of your rendezvous will create excitement in your relationship. If you are unable to send text messages on your phone, use voicemail or email to heighten the suspense.

4. Massage
Not only do massages rock, but they are also therapeutic. Massages are a healthy and sensual way to be close to your mate and also create a relaxing atmosphere. It's nice to send your mate to the spa, but it is better if you do it yourself.

5. Sleep nude or with sexy lingerie
Consider this: How hard is it for one to be angry when the person next to you is naked? Lingerie is not just for special events or holidays. So, throw away those orange and pink flannel pajamas and slip into something a little more comfortable-or nothing at all. Stuck on where to find some of the best pieces of lingerie? Click here to see some of Nashville's best lingerie stores.

6. Change it up
Nowhere is there a rule that states that intimacy and love-making need only occur in the bedroom. There is also no rule that states the positions you should use. Enough said.
7. Be consistent
Spicing up your love life should not be considered as something you do every now and then. Rather, you should be consistent and keep the intimacy ongoing. There are things that you can do even when you are tired and have had a long day. Be creative.

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