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New Year! fresh start!

Samantha Samuels

It’s a new year and yes, it’s time for a fresh start. In the past, Samantha was approached about selling different products and her answer was always no! So, what is it about Veema that compelled Samantha to say yes? Well, at the beginning of this year, when approached about selling Veema, Samantha heard the company’s mission statement, "making a positive difference in families’ lives". Moreover, the promotion of wellness while providing opportunities for families to earn an income really resonated with Samantha.

In 2009, Samantha was laid off (or as she aptly puts it graduated) from her corporate job. Initially, Samantha’s recurring thought about her new employment status was, "if the Michigan job market continues to dry up, why don't I create my own job!” Interestingly, this thought (job creation) was not farfetched for Samantha who is usually open to new ideas and opportunities. With Veema, job creation is exactly what Samantha is doing as well as assisting others with creating new opportunities.

Is this a stretch for Samantha? No, Samantha’s years of working as a corporate recruiter prepared her for this new role and venture. Now, instead of recruiting people to join a corporation, Samantha is talking to them about the possibilities of starting a new, healthier, prosperous life through Veema.

For Samantha, starting her own business with Veema is just the beginning of a new life as an entrepreneur. Samantha always dreamed of having my own business, so that she could have the freedom and flexibility, and earning potential that she has always desired like her mother who was also an entrepreneur. Samantha has gone back to her roots!

In 2010 and beyond, Samantha sees herself continuing to grow in her commitment to be of service in the community, as well as being an entrepreneur. Yes, this is a new, fresh life that Samantha is thrilled to be living. Samantha is very grateful and thankful for this opportunity!

Samantha can be reached at 248-854-9694. You can also check out Samantha’s website at Samantha will be at the Renaissance Unity Church's (11200 E Eleven Mile Road, Warren, Michigan – 48089) Business Connection fair on Sunday, January 17, 2010, before and after the 10 a.m. service. Stop by to hear Samantha’s empowering message or chat with Samantha. After January 17th, you can follow Samantha on Twitter at sammidet.


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